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There is more to Peru than Machu PIcchu though - Visit Peru and discover its highlights from Lima to Cusco on an exciting journey that encompasses modern cities and ancient worlds. Explore Peru's lush Amazon Jungle, the epic Lake Titicaca and the vast Colca Canyon. Enjoy local homestays, ride the famouse train to Machu Pichu and be immersed in fascinating Peruvian culture while discovering its history buried deep within the walls of lost cities.



28, March 2020

Welcome to Peru! Despite its complicated and often impressive and unexpected weather or landscape, Peru ranks amongst the world's great centers of ancient civilization.

Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical and cultural past. Most of its treasures might be well hidden, but are worth being discovered.

No Meals Included

Included  Service 

Airport transfer


29, March 2020

This morning we head to the hot relaxing beach town of Paracas, is four hours from the loud busy city of Lima. First stop, we’ll take you to a unique beach hut bakery for some must-try Peruvian cuisine, consider it to be Lima’s best spot to get breakfast! Next stop – the secret slave tunnels. Hacienda San Jose, Chincha is where we’ll show you the 17 km of underground tunnels from the 17th century that were only discovered 100 years later!

Breakfast Included

Included Activities 

Slave tunel visit


30, March 2020

This morning we boarding a speedboat from the town of Paracas to Ballestas Islands, which are sometimes referred to as the ‘Galapagos of Peru’. This 2-hour tour will take you to the spectacular Islands that are located off the coast of Peru. You will get the opportunity to see the many caves and arches that have eroded over time, providing shelter to thousands of seabirds and sea lions, all the while admiring the amazing scenery of the Paracas peninsula along the way. 
We should back by 10 am and have short coffe break before we   
visit Paracas National Reserve, where the desert meets the sea.  
Next is Huacachina, is only a short 1,5 h. journey from Paracas but feels like travelling from one paradise to another. Leave the quaint cultural home of the National Reserve and arrive to the only desert oasis in all of South America.
Afternoon is free, but why not try dunebuggy and sandboarding? Guaranteed to be one of the biggest adrenalin rushes you will have in your life! Dune Buggy through the dunes of the desert, sandboard down and finish it all off by taking some stunning snaps of the desert sunset at the end.

Breakfast Included

Included Activities 

Balesta Island visit by fast boat


31, March 2020

Once departed from Huacachina, it can feel like a long journey ahead to Arequipa. However, we’ve found the perfect local destinations just off the beaten track where you can learn about and experience some of the most interesting parts of Peruvian culture.First stop is the Pisco Vineyard. We will discover boutique vineyard, and learn how is made the national drink of Peru. Best of all, get lots of free samples of pure pisco, sweet wine, and Pisco baileys!Back to bus & approximately 2 hours after it’s time for our next stop, the Nazca Lines Viewing Tower. The Nazca lines are an age-old mystery of giant etches left on the earth. No one knows who left them or how! We’ll spend an hour here where you can climb the Viewing Tower and see 3 of the biggest Nazca Lines.

Breakfas Included

Included Activities 

Pisco vineyard visit

Nasca lines tower 


1, April 2020

This morning you’ll arrive to Arequipa, probably Peru’s most beautiful city. It is surrounded by 3 volcanos and is known as ‘The White City’ because many of it’s buildings are constructed from sillar, a white volcanic stone. We spend the day in stunning town, perhaps wander the main plaza with its lovely cathedral, many cafes and eateries. You may like to visit the Juanita Museum, which houses Peru’s famous ‘Ice Maiden’, the Inca mummy of a girl who died in the 1440s. There’s also the Monasterio de Santa Catalina, a 16th century monastery which only accepted women from well-to-do Spanish families. These nuns grew infamous for their luxurious lifestyles, each one having her own servant, splurging on fine products and enjoying frequent parties.

No Meals Included

Included Activities

Arequipa walking tour


2, 3, April 2020

Adventure into the second deepest canyon in the world! No trip to Peru is complete without experiencing Colca. The 2 day/1 night trek is a moderate/hard trek. The first day of trekking is approximately 5 or 6 hours (1 hour uphill, 1 hour flat area walk and 4 hours downhill). The second day is approximately 3 to 4 hours of an uphill walk. Click for full details off this trek & program. 

Breakfast, Lunch Included

One Night Home Stay

Las Torres de Ugarte


4, 5, April 2020

You`ll find Cusco on the Huatanay River Valley. To the east is the Vilcanota Mountain Range, whose highest peak is Salkantay, and to the west is the Vilcabamba Mountain Range, whose highest peak is Ausangate, and the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which is filled not only with archeological traces of the lost civilization but also traditional Quechua communities who retain pre-Columbian cultural practice. Later this afternoon we take flight to Lima.

Breakfast Included

Included Activities 

Cusco orentaion walk

Flight to Cusco Included


6, April 2020

The adventure towards the Humantay Lagoon starts in early morning. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the mountains, andean animals and fields of crops. We drive a private minivan 2 hours to Mollepata village, where you will stop for breakfast. After will continue to the community of Soraypampa for about 45 minutes. Upon arrival, start the hike for 2 hours until you reach the Humantay lagoon. A professional guide will tell you about the history of the lagoon and how important this place was for the Incas.
Take pictures and walk around before heading back to the community of Soraypampa and take the minivan back to Mollepata. Enjoy lunch there before returning to Cusco. The expected arrival in Cusco is 5:30pm.

Breakfast Included

Included Activities 

Humantay tour and visit


7, April 2020

Transfer from your hotel at 05.30 am to Ollantaytambo Train Station. (1st Train leave at 06:00 am). The train ride consists of a spectacular views in this wonderful land of the Incas, amazing landscapes of mountains and valleys, Inca farming terraces from Ollantaytambo on both sides of the valleys, snow capped mountains and sub-tropical jungle near the Ceja de Selva. See the Veronica snow capped mountain on the right side. From Pachar the Vilcanota river will be our companion until arrival at Aguas Calientes (2040m) well known as Machu Picchu Pueblo. Our local guide will meet us at the train station and transfer us to the bus terminal then 25 minutes bus ride to Machu Picchu Citadel. (Bring your origunal Passport) A guided tour of Machupicchu “The Old Sacred Mountain” takes approx 2 hrs and then you have some free time for photos.
It is recommended to use the bus down to Aguas Calientes town at least one hour before the train depart. Return by train to Ollantaytambo with transport from here to Cusco.

Breakfast Included

Included Activities 

Macu Pichu tour and visit 

Train tickets included


8, April 2020

Fantastic day tour (with trekking) to Rainbow Mountain -  the so-called 7 Color Mountain in Peru, leaving from Cusco. Located in southern Peru, in the Cusco region, this route will take you through stunning landscapes with glaciers, snowcapped mountains and crystal clear rivers and lakes. Pass by local villages of Quechua descendants and explore the breathtaking surrounding nature. The colours of the Rainbow Mountain will leave in awe.

Please note we take this evening overnight bus journey to Puerto Maldonado, but you wil have some time to take the shover and little rest before we boarding bus.

Breakfast Included

Overnight Bus to

Puerto Maldonado


9, April 2020

Today  from bus station you will be taken to the office for short briefing. You will have the time for breakfast. Will wait till everyone is there and when we are ready, we set off on a 1-hour-boat ride towards the Eco-Lodge, where you will be shown the whole structure of the lodge and your private room. The journey to the lodge is a real adventure itself, a wonderful ride through the Madre de Diós river and the beautiful nature of this part of the Amazon. Once at the lodge, a delicious, typical and fresh lunch will be served, then we start our afternoon activies. Today we go for a short walk around the lodge in order to start feeling the surrounding environment - our knowledgeable guide will explain you about how the forest is composed and its main characteristics. Enjoy some time immersed in this wonderful piece of paradise and listen to the sounds of the huge variety of native birds. As the sun goes down, we will go on another hike to discover the local ecosystem and the behaviour of nocturnal animals. Back to the lodge, we will have a typical dinner with local food and chill out for the rest of the evening.

Lunch, Dinner Included

Jungle Lodge


10, April 2020

On the second day we have breakfast between 7.00 and 8.00 and then we get ready for today's activities. We set off for a walk along the trail and get further into the rainforest where trees are huge and the local flora and fauna are of a unique beauty. We get to our first platforms located at a height of 15 and 25 meters above a small collpa, in the branches of an ancient fig tree to which we access passing through a hanging bridge - while doing this, our guide will explain us how amazing the structure of this tree and the wildlife that live in it are. We then continue to the highest canopy platform of the entire Amazon forest located in the Taricaya Reserve - this is connected by a suspension bridge which is 90 meters long. From this platform you will have great views of local macaws, toucans and eagles.
We then start our tour of the reserve - here, we will visit the local animal rescue center, animals go through a rehab before being released back to their wild, free life. Here we will find tapirs, howler monkeys, jaguars, pumas and many more. We return to the lodge for lunch and then start our walk to a local agroforestry farm where many reforestation projects (mahogany, cedar, cocoa, coffee and more) are based - also, we will be explained about the "turtle project", that aims to repopulating the area of turtles with the help of artificial beaches. We return to the lodge by boat - on the way, you will have a great chance of spotting turtles, monkeys, herons and other birds. We have some rest and then we finish today's program with a caiman search along the rivers edge in a motorboat as the sun goes down. There are different types of caimans: white caiman, black caiman and spectacled caiman... have fun spotting them as they lay along the rivers banks at night. Farewell dinner to say goodbye to the jungle and celebrate the last night properly.


Breakfast, Lunch, Diner Included

Jungle Lodge


11, April 2020

Unfortunately today we have to leave our lodge and return to Puerto Maldonado. We have breakfast and then at 7.30 AM we take our boat ride back in town, arriving at 9.30 approximately. Depending on when our flight back to Lima is, and how much time we have, you will be able to explore the most interesting sites of Puerto Maldonado before leaving.

Breakfast Included

Flight Maldonado to Lima Included


12, April 2020

Lima is one of the most interesting and challenging cities in South America with a huge archaeological, historical and cultural past. Most of its treasures might be well hidden, but are worth being discovered.

Breakfast Included

Included Activities 

Lima city tour


13, April 2020

The trip ends on Day 16, there are no activities planned for this day, you can depart any time. However the check out time is 12 noon but you could use the hotel to keep your bags if you are out exploring Lima. Hope you enjoy the journey and please share your unforgettable memories with other friends!

Breakfast Included

Included  Service 

Airport transfer

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Tour Cost per person 1750 Euro

Inclusions :



             Breakfast: 13  Lunch: 4  Diner: 3


             Included activities:
             *Slave tunel visit

             *Ballestas Islands visit by fast boat (which are referred to as the ‘Galapagos of Peru’)

             *Paracas National Reserve visit (where the desert meets the sea)

             *Explore the only desert oasis in South America

             *Visit a Pisco Vineyard (learn all about how the national drink of Peru is made)

             *Nazca Lines Viewing Tower (you can see 3 nazca lines)

             *Arequipa - Orientation Walk

             *Colca Canyon Trek 2d/1n (Colca Canyon -Guided tour)

             *Lake Titicaca - Boat tour, Uros floating island visit

             *Cusco - Orientation Walk

             *Machu Picchu visit by by train, the most comfortable (Private transfer, Train & snacks on board,                   tickets, english speaking guide on site)

             *Rainbow Mountain trek (Peru's latest breathtaking visitor site in Cusco region)

             *Amazon Jungle (Activities as mentioned in journey itinerary)

             *Lima City tour



              Plane, Taxi, Public bus, Luxury Bus, Private Vehicle, Boat, Train

              Flight Puerto Maldonado - Lima + 20kg luggage per person included 


               Accommodation: Homestay (1 nights), Hotel (10 nights), Jungle Lodge (2 nights)                                                   Overnight Bus (2 nights)

               *Hotel Las Palmas 
               *Hotel Residencial Los Frayles 
               *DM Hoteles Mossone - Ica
               *Las Torres de Ugarte
               *Qelqatani Hotel 
               *Inka Wasi Boutique Ex Truco

for more information please contact us via e-mail:

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