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Colombia Journey - Discover your rhythm in 14 Days

Whether you’re seeking adventure sports, flamboyant fiestas, architectural wonders or wildlife encounters – Colombia’s rhythm will get you moving. Often dubbed the “land of a thousand rhythms,” Colombia is home to a dynamic, unforgettable and ever-evolving musical environment.

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Price Eur €1300 per person + ✈️international flight tickets


Welcome to Colombia! No doubt about it, Colombia is one of the world’s friendliest countries. Never been there before? Let us paint the picture for you. Beaches, mountains, coffee plantations, grand old Spanish buildings, salsa clubs, exotic fruits, flower bouquets, hummingbirds, and smiles the size of your arm. Throw in a volcanic mud bath, and you've got yourself a holiday. We meet you & great you at Bogotá airport, transfer to hotel, then meet up with your fellow travelers for a walking tour of this beautiful looking city. Explore colonial-era buildings framed by mountains.

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Included Activities: ✔🚖Bogota airport transfer to Hotel 👨‍👨‍👧‍👧Bogota walking tour

Accommodation: 🛌GHL Tequendama ⭐⭐⭐⭐


After breakfast, we will go to the city of Zipaquiro (the trip takes about 1.5 hours). Here we will visit the famous Salt Cathedral, built in 1930 in the tunnels of a salt mine on a surface of 190 meters. It is considered the first wonder in Colombia because it is built of salt. Have you ever been in a building made entirely of salt before? Regardless of your religion, here you can experience the higher power of nature, and in addition, how wonderful it is to feel the legacy of nature and the spiritual experience of Latin America. The tour will take us through the so-called "Camino de la Cruz", a path that represents the last journey of Christ and leads us to the altar built in the mine. After visiting the cathedral, we will explore the town. In the afternoon we will return to Bogotá.

Druskos katedra.jpg

Included Activities: ✔👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 Excursion to the city of Zipaquira and the Cathedral of Salt

Accommodation: 🛌GHL Tequendama ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


Immerse yourself in the flavors and colors of Colombia this morning with a visit to the famous Paloquemao Market, home to Bogotá's largest selection of exotic fruits, fresh vegetables and food stalls – perhaps indulging in a delicious Arepa (Colombian-style tortilla). Around lunchtime, a flight to the coffee region and transfer (about 40 minutes) to the beautiful Salento countryside await. We will take time to walk through the beautiful streets and admire the best colors of paisa architecture. We will definitely try the trout, which is served with a rich garlic cheese sauce. Colombia's national sport (tejo) is a popular pastime in Salento. Try your hand at this fun activity with a group tonight - even better with a beer in hand!

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Included Activities: ✔🚖Airport transfers 💺Flight ticket to Salento + 👜 10 kg hand luggage ✔👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Excursion around the town.

Accommodation: 🛌Camino Nacional ⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


In the morning we will go to Cocora Valley. It is one of the most beautiful valleys in Colombia, with breathtaking views. Here grow impressive "wax" palms, the national tree of Colombia, reaching a height of up to 60 meters. For an additional fee, we can explore the surroundings on horseback.
After the excursion in the valley of wax palms, we will go to the coffee farm. Thanks to its tropical altitude and fertile volcanic soil, Colombia is one of the largest coffee producers in the world. You will get to know this addictive bean much better after the coffee plantation and processing center. You will delve into the history of the factory and learn about the history of the domestic industry, which has long supported the country's economy. You'll see how the beans are intricately harvested, processed, dried, roasted and ground, and then hear first-hand what all the fuss is about. You'll try different types of coffee beans and learn how to prepare different types of coffee, finishing it all off with a steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. Afterwards you will relax among the beautiful green hills and valleys surrounded by the Estancia.


Included Activities: 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Excursion to the Cocora Valley and to the coffee plantation and processing centre.

Optional Activities:🏇Horseback Riding $30 USD

Accommodation: 🛌Camino Nacional ⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


Today we will say goodbye to Salento and fly to Cartagena (, located on the Caribbean coast. Upon arrival, we will settle in a hotel in the old town. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Latin America, protected by UNESCO. The city is decorated with colorful buildings with wooden balconies, numerous churches and squares, and all this beauty is surrounded by a defensive wall and impressive fortresses. After that, you will have 3 hours tour around the city of Cartagena. We will visit the fortress of Saint Philip (San Filipe). It is a fortress surrounded by legends and secrets, which have never been taken against soldiers. The complex of buildings covers the entire hill, and the territory is equipped with a system of tunnels, which allowed to enter and leave the fort in secret. Walking along charming historic streets and crossing expressive squares, we learned about the early days of Cartagena and how the Catholic Church gained its place of importance. An evening at leisure with delicious food, coffee and other Colombian drinks in the abundance of cafes in Cartagena, bustling until the night.

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cartagena 4.jpg

Included Activities: 🚖Airport transfers 💺Flight ticket to Cartagena + 👜 10 kg hand luggage ✔👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Excursion around the town.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Cartagena City tour.

Optional Activities:🐎Tour of Cartagena by horse-drawn carriage (up to 4 people) USD 20 per carriage

Accommodation: 🛌Ibis ⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast 


Spend some free time exploring old Cartagena. Walk around the old town, shop for local handicrafts. After we will travel to Tayrona National Park (5 hours). On the way we will have stop to see and try Totumo Mud Volcano, one-of-a-kind attraction home to mineral-infused mud that’s reputed to have healing properties. You’ll have ample time to soak in the mud bath. After we will continue to Tairona National Park. Tairona National Park is the best that Colombia has on the Caribbean coast. Some travelers say that they have never seen such a quiet and impressive beach anywhere. Huge stones, frolicking animals of various calibers, curious parrots. Next to the coast is a jungle where the ruins of the pre-Columbian city of Pueblito were found. Blue sea and, most importantly, unspoiled nature.

cartagena 5.jpg

Included Activities: 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦✔🚍Travel by minibus or bus to Tayrona 5 hours, 🌋Totumo  volcano entrance fee.

Accommodation: 🛌Villa Maria Tayrona or Casa Bambu ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


Free time. We will enjoy two free days in Tairona National Park. There are plenty of opportunities to relax, swim or take a long walk on the beach. Arrecifes has one of the most beautiful beaches in the park. From Arrecifes we will walk across the beach in 15 minutes to another bay where we can swim. From here we can walk to another famous beach, La Piscina, in 30 minutes. Let's continue for another 15 minutes to El Cabo de San Juan. From here we can walk the old Tayronapath (uphill) to Pueblito, which takes about 3 hours round trip. These are the ruins of the Tairona civilization. It is advised to take a local guide with you for this hike.

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tairona 4.jpg
tairona 5.jpg

Included Activities: 🏖️Rest by the sea

Accommodation: 🛌Villa Maria Tayrona or Casa Bambu ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


This morning we leave Tyrona, a 2 hour transfer to a small airport where we will fly to Medellin. Along the way, learn a little more about the city's fascinating history. After spending the 1980 with an international reputation as one of the world's most dangerous cities (thanks to Pablo Escobar's infamous drug cartel), Medellin has become one of the most interesting cities in South America. And some are growing precisely because of the country's museums, parks and architecture (as well as a much safer and more comfortable atmosphere now), it's easy to see why its popularity. On arrival you will explore this beautiful city on an orientation walk with your guide. In a private tour, you will visit the main sites of the center of Medellin, the old churches, learn the historical and artistic context of the wonderful bronze statues of Maestro Botero, climb the aerial cable car and ride the funicular from which you will enjoy a wonderful view of the city, walk with your experienced guide and feel or the community. barrio to see how people live and survive day to day. In the afternoon we will visit (Comuna - 13). Just a few years ago, the Comuna 13 neighborhood was the most dangerous community in the city of Medellin, but today it is the most colorful and vibrant place in the city. After the government and the private sector invested in social and youth programs, local residents and artists reclaimed the quarter and contributed to the magical transformation we see today, with streets filled with spectacular street art, music street performers, vendors selling delicious local snacks. a great opportunity to explore the vibrant streets of Comuna 13 and meet local residents and artists for a unique cultural and memorable experience.

medellin 3.jpg
medellin 2.jpg

Included Activities: ✔🚖Airport transfers 💺Flight ticket to Medellin + 👜 10 kg hand luggage ✔👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Walking tour of Medellin

Accommodation: 🛌Ibis ⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


We will escape metropolitan Medellin in favor of Guatapé (Pueblo de Zocalos), home to the magnificent Peñol Rock (La Piedra del Peñol) 
The gorgeous scenery isn’t the only draw, and you’ll get a glimpse of traditional Colombian architecture on a tour of the gracious plaza, cobblestone streets, and colorful facades that make Guatapé a world away from the bustling streets of modern Medellin. As well as ascending the 742 steps leading to the summit of Peñol Rock, an exclusive boat tour of Guatapé Lake.

La Piedra del Peñol.jpg
La Piedra del Peñol 1.jpg

Included Activities: ✔👨‍👨‍👧‍👧Full day excursion to Guatape, where you will have time to climb the 742 steps to the top of Peñol Rock.

Accommodation: 🛌Ibis or similar ⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


Toward to Villavicencio, the capital of Meta, what has It is the biggest of Colombian-Venezuelan folklore most representative dance, the Joropo. National and international spectators gather at a party danced and sung to the beat of the harp, cuatro and capachos.
Reign of the Joropo and the Joropodromo is held, which has managed to gather up to 3 thousand couples who dance to the rhythm of the llanera music, stamping their feet through the city's avenues and forming an unprecedented show at the national level. 

The leader will take you on a short orientation walk around, and we visit one of the best Joropo dance schools, and learn the basics of this amazing movements. 

colombia 2.jpg

Included Activities: 🚖Airport transfers 💺Flight ticket to Villavicencio + 👜 10 kg hand luggage ✔👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Walking tour and dancing school visit.

Accommodation: 🛌GHL Grand Villavicencio ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


 You will travel early to take advantage of the cool morning air on your way to Acacias Falls. You will travel approximately 2 hours to reach the private farm and enjoy the area for approximately 3 hours including walking and swimming.
Departure around 12 o'clock. and traveling a long distance, about 4 hours to the fascinating area of ​​the Colombian Amazon, San José del Guaviare. Attractive landscapes of exceptional beauty, such as the Chiribiquete mountain range, declared a natural national park, with almost vertical walls of impressive appearance. Numerous rivers with their rapids surrounded by thick jungle, where the spectacular sighting of the freshwater dolphin's. The mountain ranges of San José and La Lindosa with cave paintings, the rocky outcrops of Ciudad de Piedra, natural bridges and Los Tunneles. 

Guaviare 2.jpg

Included Activities: ✔🚖Transfer to San Jose, Acacias waterfall visit

Accommodation: 🛌San Pedro Suite ⭐⭐ please note this hotel provide basic, clean accommodation, not have hot water only cold shower

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast


In the Nare Lagoon, San Jose del Guaviare, pink dolphins live and you will have the opportunity to swim with them. Dolphins can only be observed from a certain distance on wooden platforms or in boats. Sportfishing adjacent to their hunting areas is prohibited and along with this, feeding them is forbidden as it would cause human dependence. There, with the help of local guides, you will learn the story of how they got there. You can also observe different species of fauna and flora throughout the tour. With this trip, you will be directly helping the - ECONARE. Econare is a local association of community-based tourism in charge of preserving the nature of the area and the safety of the dolphins that inhabit the lagoon. 
Leaving before breakfast around 5:30 am you'll journey in a 4x4 for 3 hours to the Laguna Damas de Nare. (Stopping for breakfast along the way) Once here you'll enjoy an hour walk through a beautiful natural forest full of exotic plants, birds, and monkeys. At the conclusion of this walk, you'll stop for a short break before climbing into a canoe to explore the lagoon in search of the Pink Dolphins. You'll also have the opportunity to have a swim in the lagoon, with the odd dolphin possibly playing with your feet or hands while you're enjoying the warm waters. Latter you're back to land for a wonderful typical lunch before heading walking back through the magical forest, where your transport back to San Jose.

amazon dolphin.jpg

Included Activities: ✔🐬Amazon Dolphins tour

Recommendations for your visit:🍳Do not forget the mosquito repellent, it is highly recommended, rubber boots, raincoat, long-sleeved shirts, sunscreen. Leave no trace.

Accommodation: 🛌San Pedro Suite ⭐⭐

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast, Lunch


Today will start with a relaxing journey to the Pinturas Rupestres Nuevo Tolima. The jungles of Guaviare kept unsuspected treasures represented not in gold ingots but in thousands of cave paintings that in some cases may be up to 12,000 years old and that have become one of the greatest emblems of this region, marked due to the internal armed conflict. Overcome these paths with green moss and roots of various colors - green, orange, white and brown - you reach "the promised land": the pictograms. “The paintings are similar to others that are in other areas of the department of Guaviare. The pictograms, painted with mineral substances and iron oxides, reflect the daily life of our ancestors”
Next spot, the short distance of less than hour, and you will arrive in the amazing area of the Túneles Naturales (natural rock tunnels) You'll be enjoying this area for approximately 3 hours, including walking, lunch and to explore the Los Pozos Naturales (natural water wells) and a bit of a swim, before drying off and traveling to a local indigenous community native to this region. Here you'll enjoy interacting with the Familia Tukano Oriental, enjoy some of their traditional foods, learn of their culture, history, dances, and relax in a setting hundreds of years old.


Included Activities: ✔🚖Tonight we will go to Bogotá by bus. Traveling by bus in Colombia will be quite a pleasant experience, exceeding many people's initial expectations. The bus company provides a top class service and is very professional and the staff are always very polite and the bus is on time and direct. We will check out from the hotel only before going to the station.

Meals Included:🍳Breakfast, Lunch


On arrival, you'll be collected from bus terminal and be taken directly to your accommodation to check-in and enjoy the remainder of your day free, enjoy your last hours in Colombia, and in the evening you will have a flight home.

colombia 3.jpg
colombia 2.jpg

Included Activities: ✔🚖Airport Transfer

dates and prices

datos kainos

00.10.2022 - 00.10.2022  price per person in a double room  1300,-EUR  +  international✈️ tickets

Guaranteed departure / Only 1 spot left!  save my spot >>   We'll save your spot for 48 hours No deposit required


* Meeting at the airport

* 13 nights in 2 * 3* 4* hotels per person in a double room (according to country category).

* Travel by bus/minibus according to the program.

* Tickets to tourist attractions.

* Services of local guides.

* Tours & excursion - programs what indicated.

* Services of a professional Guru Journeys tour guide

* Meals: 13 Breakfasts, 2 Lunches

* Domestic flight tickets: Bogota - Salento and 10 kg of hand luggage

* Domestic flight tickets: Salento - Catharena and 10 kg hand luggage

* Domestic flight tickets: Santa Marta - Medellin and 10 kg hand luggage

* Domestic flight tickets: Medellin - Villavicencio and 10 kg hand luggage

not included:

* Lėktuvo bilietai europos miestas -  Bogota - europos miestas (su persėdimu).

* Medicininių išlaidų užsienyje draudimas.

* Asmeninės išlaidos, papildomai siūlomos ekskursijos, gėrimai, kitos nepaminėtos išlaidos. Programoje nenurodyti pietūs ir vakarienės.

*Papildomas registruoto bagažas, skrendant su vietinėmis avialinijomis.

* Arbatpinigiai vietiniams gidams, vairuotojams (1 dienai apie 3 USD);

Aviabilietai į Kolumbiją ir atgal iš Vilniaus su persėdimu (~690–990 Eur), tiesioginis skrydis ir atgal iš Madrido, Paryžiaus, Amsterdamo ar Londono  (~590–790 Eur). Aviabilietai į Meksiką per JAV yra pigesni.Į šiuos aviabilietus yra įskaičiuotas tik 10 kg rankinis bagažas.


* Priemoka už vienvietį kambarį  (Jei keliaujate vienas (-a)  būsite apgyvendintas (-a) atskirai, be bendrakeleivio – suteikiame tokią galimybę primokėjus priedą, nuo 250 Eur

*Kelionė įvyks susirinkus mažiausiai 4 keliautojų grupei

* Vietinio skrydžio: papildomas 25kg bagažas kaina iš anksto 25 USD, oro uoste 35 USD

*SVARBU! Atkreipiame dėmesį, kad, LR piliečio pasas turi galioti ne mažiau kaip 6 mėn. po kelionės pabaigos.

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